International Film Festival

June 14 – June 19 2021

About AmiCorti

AmiCorti Film Festival is an international film festival. It takes place annually in the third week of June, for the duration of a week, in the main square of the municipality of Peveragno, Piazza Pietro Toselli.

Founded and directed by Ntrita Rossi, the Festival is organized by the Gli Amici Cultural Association.

AmiCorti guarantees a formidable coverage by the media, the Festival is attended by numerous local and international cinema stars who represent the important value of film culture, as jury and guests.

Many producers choose this occasion to launch their latest works and to sell the exploitation rights to distributors that the Festival welcomes from all over the world.

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Ntrita Rossi

I have undertaken from the beginning with great enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility the task of building this new edition of the Amicorti International Film Festival and the pandemic emergency has even strengthened this state of mind. Embarking on such a demanding adventure is a bit like digging 2200 meters of the Bisalta; and now we can say it, even with all the difficulties of the case, we have reached the summit with that mixture of effort and satisfaction that binds the group of all those who have accepted this so complex challenge. Arriving means arriving together and for this my thanks goes to the institutions that have guaranteed the work of the Festival team, that of the Cultural Association “Gli Amici” with its experience and wisdom and desire to do, and that of the new elements that have been included in the Festival’s production machine.

Altogether, they had the ability to accept my indications even when it was necessary to change direction, find a new path, explore untrodden paths. We have reached the top also thanks to the many collaborations that have been built in recent months and that will find their space. The Amicorti International Film Festival will in fact continue to respond to its vocation throughout the year, when we will be able to resume experiencing the emotions of cinema in the presence, thanks to these new ties. With the digital edition, however, Amicorti will reach a wider audience and this also thanks to the availability of the international community which includes artists, producers, distributors who have allowed us to create this version. Necessary to firmly affirm the importance of culture for the improvement of everyone’s life.

Ntrita Rossi
Artistic director

June 14 – June 19 2021

2021 Awards

June 14 – June 19 2021

Meet Our Judges

“Making a film means improving life, arranging it in your own way, means prolonging the games of childhood.”
François Truffaut
“A film is the life where the boring parts
have been cut out.”
Alfred Hitchcock