AmiCorti Film Festival

AmiCorti Film Festival is an international film festival. It takes place annually in the third week of June, for the duration of a week, in the main square of the municipality of Peveragno, Piazza Pietro Toselli.

Founded and directed by Ntrita Rossi, the Festival is organized by the Gli Amici Cultural Association.

AmiCorti guarantees a formidable coverage of the media, the Festival is attended by numerous local and international cinema stars who represent the important value of film culture, as jury and guests.

Many producers choose this occasion to launch their latest works and to sell the exploitation rights to distributors that the Festival welcomes from all over the world. In 2021, the Amicorti International Film Festival celebrates its 3rd year which will be held from 14 to 20 June.

Even if the years are not many, Amicorti has shown a strong credibility in the film industry.

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It was able to be determined even in the critical period of the pandemic that has invaded the whole world. With cutting-edge technological tools it has created an important network with other similar realities in the world, such as Athens International Film Festival, Ghetto Film School, Torino Piemonte Film Commission and important universities such as the Management and Economics Campus of the University of Turin – Cuneo branch. , Laboratory of Applied Philosophy of the University of Athens.

The Amicorti International Film Festival stands out in the world of cinema with the symbol of the Strawberry fruit wrapped in film. This beautiful and tasty fruit represents the municipality of Peveragno, as it is its precious product that grows in its lands.

The Amicorti International Film Festival is supported by the Municipality of Peveragno, the Unione Montana Alpi del Mare, the Province of Cuneo, the Piedmont Region, the SIAE, the Local Tourist Office – ATL, the Confassociations – Confederation of Professional Associations, and Cinema. live, from Mujeres Cinema.