Ntrita Rossi

Founder & Artistic Director

Ntrita Rossi is the artistic director of the AmiCorti Film Festival and of the project “Friends at school – Let’s produce a short film”, graduated from the University of Turin at the Department of Humanist Studies degree course in Communication Sciences, continuing with her university studies in Turin Master’s Degree at the Department of Philosophy and Education in Communication and Media Culture.

Achieved the refresher course at FEICOM SERVIZI (Italian Federation of Communicators and Multimedia Operators) in videomaking for digital communication and journalism, Rome.

Gisella Marengo

Honorary President

Gisella was born in Italy. She subsequently moved to California, where she studies at UCLA. She currently she lives in Los Angeles. In 2000 she began her career as a producer of films and documentaries. In 2019 she produces “Francesco”, a documentary on Pope Francis produced by Oscar winner Evgeny A fi neevsky.

At the moment you are in post-production with “Ennio” a documentary on the composer Ennio Morricone directed by the Oscar winner Giuseppe Tornatore with the participation of Quentin Tarantino, Clint Eastwood and many others.

Among the films produced by Gisella: “The Humbling” with Al Pacino, directed by Oscar winner Barry Levinson and “Blackbird” an American drama directed by Roger Michell with Susan Sarandon and Kate Winslet. Among the action films: “Angel Has Fallen” with Gerald Butler and Morgan Freeman, “Hunter Killer” with Gerald Butler and “Security” with Antonio Banderas. In addition, for over ten years, Gisella has been part of the “Artists for Peace and Justice” organization whose main purpose is to serve the communities of Haiti with education, health care and education programs on the concept of dignity. Within the association, a section was entirely dedicated to Haitian women.

Gisella is also ambassador of “Love in Action”, a movement on women’s emancipation in collaboration with the Chopra foundation.

Vicky Bafataki

Dr. Archaeologist – Communicator

Vicky Bafataki, PhD in History of Archeology at the University of Philosophy Athens, Greece. Graduated from the University of Literature and Philosophy Bari, Italy. Degree in Italian Language and Literature at the University for Foreigners of Perugia. Graduated from the Department of Communication and Mass Media (1995) Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens, Greece.

Global Research and Study in Cultural Communication: Culture and Volunteering through the mass media awarded with the First global recognition from the Giuseppe Sciacca International Awards (Vatican). Postgraduate Master in Bioethics at the Democritus School of Medicine of the University of Thrace. Master – Postgraduate Diploma in Management of Cultural Units – Business Administration, (2018) School of Social Sciences, Hellenic Open University. Degree: Specialization in Organization and Administration of Museums (terrestrial and maritime) in the management, strategy, organization and administration of cultural units in the environment of the cultural and tourism industries.

It is also a key subject of cultural policy in the era of digital globalization of communication, promotion and protection of museums and cultural “heritage”. PhD Candidate in Bioethics at the Medical School of Democritus University of Thrace Online courses of study: Bioethics: law, medicine and ethics of reproductive technologies and genetics. Harvard University USA (2020) Introduction to animal ethics.

Kyoto University Japan (2020) Scientific collaborator – researcher and master’s degree lecturer – in the Laboratory of Applied Philosophy, School of Philosophy of Athens, National and the Kapodistrian University of Athens. Communication Manager & Media, Corporate social responsibility in cultural matters in Desamed M. (Medical Esthetics) Athens, Greece.

Alessandro Costantini

President of the Scientific Committee

Alessandro Costantini worked for 7 years in the Negative Assembly department of Technicolor

SpA in which he begins to deepen all the techniques of film processing cinematic.

In 2008 he founded the Ultimo Piano Production Company with which he produced several short filmsand music videos.

From 2008 to 2010 he joined the staff of the Television Producers Association (APT), now APA -Audiovisual Producers Association.

From 2010 to 2014 he was the contact person for the Italian branch of the international audiovisual standard ISAN – International Standard Audiovisual Number.

From 2014 to 2017 he collaborated with ANICA – National Association of Cinematographic Industries Audiovisual and Multimedia for managing the distribution of Private Copying.

From January 2018 to December 2019 he is appointed by the General Direction of Cinema of MiBACT as Pre-evaluation Reader of the projects presented in the 2018-2019 calls, for the granting of Selective Contributions.

He is currently: CinemaLive Sole Administrator; General Secretary of AGICI – General Association of Independent Cine-Audiovisual Industries;

Dean Film;

Member of the Entertainment, Cinema and Theater branch of ConfAssocissioni.

Giuseppe Tardivo

Scientific Committee Member

Giuseppe Tardivo is Honorary Professor of Economics and Business Management, University of Turin; Honorary Professor ESCP – Europe, London office.

Visiting Professor at the Universities of: Lyon; Los Angeles; Las Vegas; Poznan Academy; Plekhanov Institute; Moscow; Russian Academy of Economics, Moscow; University of Nice; Tallinn University.

Co – founder (together with the President of the Province of Cuneo, Prof. Giovanni Quaglia) of the Management and Economics Campus of the University of Turin – Cuneo branch, of which he was the first Coordinator. Ordinary member of the Italian Academy of Business Economics (AIDEA), of the Italian Management Society (SIMA) and of the Italian Marketing Society (SIM).

Domenico Barbuto

Scientific Committee Member

Domenico Barbuto is Director of AGIS Italian General Association of Entertainment as well as President of the Entertainment, Cinema and Theater branch CONFASSOCIAZIONI.

Head of Agis Offices, Live Entertainment and External Relations: he personally plays the role of liaison between the members and the AGIS Presidency.

Coordinates the Offices of the Association, and in particular plays the role of responsible for all activities related to Live Entertainment. He is responsible for the external relations of the AGIS, for which he plays, in addition to the role of institutional referent, that of liaison with the bodies, including Confcommercio, with which the Association collaborates.

Simone Marchisio

Scientific Committee Member

Simone Marchisio is Councilor for Agriculture and Productive Activities of the Municipality of Peveragno. Graduated from the V.Virginio Agricultural Technical Institute of Cuneo, subsequently graduated from the University of Turin in agricultural sciences and technologies in Grugliasco.

Since 2010 he has been working as a technician-agronomist for Coldiretti of Cuneo, supporting the horticultural and small fruit companies of the Granda Province.

Gerorge Krallis

Graphic & Design

George Krallis studied at Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics